Terms Of Business
Booking form conditions and cancellation policy
Once the booking has been accepted, you will be sent an acceptance form outlining all the details of your booking.  We understand that sometimes these requirements change and we will do all we can to accommodate any changes you wish to make.
The make-up artist will work with you to try and secure a suitable date for you to have your trial.
A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required when the booking is confirmed.  This can either be paid cash on the day of the trial, pay via paypal through the website or by cheque sent in the post.
Cheques should be made payable to: The Surrey Image Studio Ltd - send in the post to 1 Monks Way, Laleham, Middlesex TW18 1QU
If another make-up artist is being used you will be notified of their details where to send the cheque.
Once the deposit has been paid the wedding date will be secured. The deposit is not refundable in the event of cancellation of the wedding.
Travel expenses
In some situations, I have to charge travel expenses. I try to keep this to a minimum but have to charge for the following:
Mileage: Iím based in a TW18 postcode and Iím happy to travel within a 10 mile radius of this area free of charge. Anything outside of this is charged at 40p per mile and would become applicable for both the trial and the wedding. For example TW18 to GU 35 is approximately 35 miles minus the first 10 miles FOC equals 25 miles this is calculated x 2 for the round trip which gives you a total of 50 miles @ 40p per mile cost £20.
Congestion charge: Travelling inside of the congestion charge zone is payable by the client.
Parking: Parking expenses are charged to the client.
Extended travel: For journeys over 2 hours travelling time to a destination would be quoted at the time of booking.
If for some reason you decide to cancel the make-up artist after confirming your booking, the following charges will become payable. The percentages are the proportion of the total fees for the wedding services (including bridesmaids & others) that you booked with us.
1 month before the wedding 30%
3 weeks before the wedding 40%
2 weeks before the wedding 50%
1 week before the wedding 100%
Confirmation of booking & agreement

By payment of £50 deposit to confirm the booking (whether by online payment, cheque or cash) you are entering into an agreement to honour the above terms and conditions of business.

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